Frosty Coors

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CoorsFieldsnow05-2015I played wiffle ball with a bunch of kids on Sunday, Mother’s Day.

The Colorado Rockies and Los Angeles Dodgers played a game that day, too. At first pitch – mine was a curve in on the hands of a 9-year-old – the weather was beautiful at both places, in Denver and here at the Rainout Blog World Headquarters.

The big difference in those two games – we’re still talking weather here – is my crew ranging in age from 8 to 44 – didn’t need to shovel and plow snow from the field before we played.

It’s becoming an annual occurrence for the Rockies’ grounds crew to wake up on a game day, find several inches of snow on the ground and remove it so the boys of, uh, summer can play ball.

That’s what happened Sunday. More than four inches of snow fell on Coors Field and the team’s “grounds crew spent Sunday morning shoveling the outfield and taking the snow out of the stadium in small bulldozers,” said an Associated Press story.

The Rockies tweeted that the same thing happened last year, too, at nearly the same date.
Check out the MLB video, with a little time lapse thrown in, of the Rockies grounds crew making quick work of the snow removal process.



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