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This is the new home for The Rainout Blog. To view the first nine years, go to

It’s Thursday and that means a handful of get-away games are happening in Major League Baseball. Several teams, including the Tigers, Rangers and Phillies paying day games and hosting weather education day for local youngsters. It looks like a lot of fun judging by some of the photos published by teams and participants on social media.

With that, here a few Rain Drops, or sports/weather related items from around the world.

It seems Mike Trout is a bit of a weather buff. I’m thinking Trout should do an interview with The Rainout Blog. What do you say, Mike? … I don’t delve much into college and high school baseball rain delays and postponements – I’d be constantly on the computer, and I need some time to spend with my family – but here’s an interesting situation were a rain delay, and a silly rule, cost a Florida high school baseball team a playoff victory. … Raise your hand if you want to see the Crown Princess Mary of Denmark playing soccer football with children in pouring rain. Actually, keep your hands down and click this link. … Using one of those annoying but effective headline formulas we loathe but can’t stay away from, a Deadspin writer told us a few weeks ago – yeah, I was hesitant about linking to this – why “Baseball rain delay hijinks are the best thing in sports.” Can you hear my eyes rolling from where you sit? The brief post does nothing to convince me the headline is correct. … Oh by the way, the Houston Astros plan to play with the Minute Maid Park roof open tonight against the Blue Jays.


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