Can’t always dodge the rain

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We don’t get many rain delays at Dodgers and Padres games, particularly on the same night. But when we do, we tend to go a little gaga.

That’s OK. Baseball-interrupting rain showers in those towns happen about as often you not findings an eggshell in your grandma’s potato salad. (Maybe I’m revealing too much family history.)

Anyway, let’s take a look at the goings-on from Dodger Stadium and Petco Park last night.

Let’s begin with this guy, the dancing Padre:

And here’s video of the rain happenings at Dodger Stadium. Bonus: You get to hear Vin Scully, who begins to talk about how “we used to go through this so much” in Brooklyn. The video cuts off there, and I’m not sure if there was more to the story from Vin. If so, I’d love to grab a drink and listen.

Rain Drops

A mayor of a tiny Texas town slammed by a tornado is getting some much-deserved flak for skipping out on community relief efforts. Where was he? Playing golf, of course. … In a salute to the Negro Leagues, the Kansas City Royals are wearing throwback uniforms Sunday, and so are the grounds crew. You know, the guys who roll out the tarp during a rain delay. Yeah, that’s how this relates to The Rainout Blog. … This seems a little fishy, but a cool, yet seemingly unrealistic, idea. … Interesting note: Dodger Stadium has experienced only 17 rainouts since the ballpark opened in 1962.


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