Mud in the spikes, but Timmy doesn’t balk

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Giants’ pitcher Tim Lincecum had a heck of a time with the mound at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati Thursday night.

Andrew Baggarly of writes about the hurler’s struggles:

He threw 32 pitches to the Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ball Park, most of them missing high or bouncing in the dirt or otherwise treating Buster Posey like the business end of a shooting gallery. He walked three, threw a wild pitch, had two bases swiped on his watch, slipped on the rubber as if someone slathered it with Crisco, used an honest-to-goodness dinner fork to clean out his muddy spikes and only walked back to the dugout courtesy of two wall-bumping catches in center field from Angel Pagan.

Baggarly also quote Lincecum about the muddy conditions, saying: “You’ve got 30 some-odd mounds out there. You’ve got to adjust and work with it and I didn’t. More mentally it got to me. That’s where I’ve got to tighten my focus.”

Here’s video of Lincecum’s troubles. Check out the 3-2 pitch to Marlon Byrd – there’s a runner on second – in which Lincecum displays some nifty athletic ability by getting the pitch to the plate as he stumbles to avoid a balk.



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