Joey explains the clouds

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Rain triggered four delays and ultimately halted Sunday’s NASCAR’s Sprint Cup race at Michigan International Speedway, 62 laps short of a complete race.

Kurt Busch was leading the race after lap 138 laps and was declared the winner when so much rain had fallen, NASCAR officials said “forget it; let’s go someplace dry.” (That’s not really a direct quote, but I’m sure someone said that after four red flags and relentless rain.)

Red flags came out on laps 14, 20 and 46, delaying the race for more than two hours. The race was scheduled for 200 laps.

As always, there were plenty of great pics and videos posted online from the weather-shortened race, but perhaps the coolest was this 55-second clip of Joey Meier, Brad Keselowski’s spotter, explaining to the driver the difference in dark clouds and white clouds.

As the announcers say in the video, Meier is also Keselowski’s pilot.

Here are a few Tweets from Sunday’s NASCAR rain fun…


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