Thursday Night Poncho Report: Nats fans get it right!

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Nats-Fans-PonchosWhen you heard rain was falling on Nationals Park in the District tonight, I bet you gathered the family – the dogs and cats, too – around the television to eagerly watch Nats fans struggle with their ponchos.

Am I right?

Little Johnny said he could work a Rubik’s Cube faster than Curly Dub fans could navigate their heads and arms through the appropriate openings in their plastic rain garments.

Little sister Sarah joked, “How many Nats fans does it take to open a poncho?”

Grandma put in her teeth for the occasion… but you’re not sure why.

But, there was no poking fun at D.C. supporters tonight when the Nats and Rays went into a 17-minute rain delay in the bottom of the fourth inning.

Everyone appeared to get it right tonight.

Head goes here. Arms go there.

Perhaps they heeded F.P. Santangelo’s advice from the night before and read the poncho directions. Although, I’m still not sure ponchos come with instructions. It seems pretty intuitive. But, what do I know?

See the video

The rain delay wasn’t all fun and giggles for the Nats and their fans, however. In the top of the sixth inning, Bryce Harper slipped on the outfield grass, still wet from the brief shower, and landed on his left knee.

Scary moment.

Harper left the game with what manager Matt Williams described as a mild hamstring strain to his left knee.

“I came up throwing, and it was really slippery out there from the rain,” Harper said to reporters after the game. “My right knee gave out, and then I put all my pressure on the left knee, got my hamstring — lower hamstring into the knee — a little bit. But it didn’t feel very good. Was in pretty good pain. Was a little scared at the same time because I could feel a little more on the lower half of it. But see how I am tomorrow and go from there.”


One thought on “Thursday Night Poncho Report: Nats fans get it right!

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    June 24, 2015 at 11:20 am

    […] week’s poncho tussle is far less agonizing to watch than last week’s fight against death in Washington, D.C. We thought that guy was going to need medical assistance if he didn’t get air […]


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