This week in poncho theater

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Note: If you’ve ever struggled with a poncho and embarrassed yourself silly at a sporting event, I’d like to hear from you for a fun story on The Rainout Blog – particularly if your epic struggles happened on national TV. Just click on the contact tab at the top and send me a message.

“It’s more important, at this point, to find the face hole.”

Truer words could not have been spoken Monday night when, once again, fans – yes, there were two this time – at a Major League ballpark struggled with the basics of donning a poncho.

I’m not making fun of the fans. Clearly, these poncho things are far more complicated than we might think.

Let’s set the scene of the most recent attack…

The Cubbies were batting against the visiting Dodgers in the top of the eighth inning when rain began to fall on Wrigley Field. The Dodgers’ TV crew spotted a couple of female Cubs fans quickly trying to protect themselves from the precipitation. Dodgers’ broadcaster Charlie Steiner, who gave us the “finding the face hole” quote above, describes the action.

Take it Charlie…

Watch the Video

(I have yet to confirm a rumor that Steiner jumped out of the press box to help the two fans, yelling “Follow me! Follow me to freedom!” )

This week’s poncho tussle is far less agonizing to watch than last week’s fight against death in Washington, D.C. We thought that guy was going to need medical assistance if he didn’t get air soon.

Also worth noting, the two Cubs fans received a helping hand from a friendly woman sitting behind them at the Friendly Confines. That didn’t happen last week in D.C.

Nope. “The two clowns behind him,” as Keith Olbermann called them, were too busy taking a selfie and one was chugging a beer.

Thankfully, each of the fans – the one at Nationals Park and the two in Wrigleyville – survived what could have been vicious poncho attacks.

I’m sure – although I haven’t checked – ponchos come equipped with safety instructions warning of potential suffocation. But after these two incidents and another way back in spring training, poncho labels should also read… Warning: May cause public humiliation at ballparks and on national TV.


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