The one about Brett Gardner’s umbrella holder

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Gardy-UmbrellaEvery year when I go on vacation, I promise myself I’m going to continue to work on The Rainout Blog. I have the best intentions. I conduct a few interviews before my trip – usually to some beach – and vow to set aside some time every other day to write so the blog doesn’t become stagnant with one story hanging over the top like mammatus clouds. (Ahem)

But, once I hit the beach, get lost in the ocean and ride some tasty waves (Spicoli reference), I forget all about blogging. Well, I don’t totally forget. I think about it, but the allure of the ocean always wins my attention.

I’ve missed a lot of sports/weather news over the past two weeks. Tuesday night, while I was rocking out with Imagine Dragons in Charlotte (I’m so hip), there was a bit of tarp incident in Pittsburgh. There’s been a little rain and record heat at Wimbledon. Last weekend, rain delayed the start of a NASCAR race until nearly midnight in Daytona.

Oh, I bet you didn’t see this coming: Rain delayed the start of a Rockies game two hours and seven minutes Wednesday night. That brings the total time in weather delays this season at Coors Field to 20 hours and 18 minutes. But this kid made the most of last night’s delay.

I may go back and revisit a few of those items – which includes a mildly interesting and brief text exchange between a friend and me about that NASCAR race. (“Mildly interesting” may be a bit strong.)

But before I get to all of that – or simply move on like nothing has happened in the past fortnight – let’s start with this intriguing question: In the live interview before Wednesday night’s Yankees game, who was holding Gardy’s umbrella?

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