Tarp Attack II

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MLB.com video
MLB.com video

Following the success of Jurassic World, could the next scare-your-pants-off monster movie be about field tarps?

It seems no one — and no city — is safe these days from those ugly creatures.

You saw what happened in Pittsburgh Tuesday night when the field cover at PNC Park nearly swallowed up a grounds crew member. The same could have happened last night in Denver as you can see on this MLB.com video.

Yes, more rain swept through Coors Field, delaying yet another Rockies game. The two-hour and six-minute delay brings the total of weather stoppages to 22 hours and 24 minutes. The Rockies have had 14 weather delays this season and four postponements.

As for Thursday night, a strong wind blew through the ballpark in the bottom of the first inning, grabbed the tarp and moved it slightly out of position, making it more difficult for the grounds crew to pull the covers over the wet infield dirt. Colorado manager Walt Weiss, first base coach Eric Young and a few Rockies players rushed out on to the field to lend a helping hand.

Weiss told reporters after the game that he had given tarp help before, “but never in the big leagues,” he said.

The delay chased the starting pitchers for both the home team and the visiting Atlanta Braves. The Rockies went on to win 5-3.

The forecast for Denver tonight is calling for only a 20 percent chance of rain at game time. So, perhaps Tarp Attack III – cue the scary music and sound effects – will arrive next in… YOUR CITY!!!

I know. I know. That’s just stupid.


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