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Associated Press
Associated Press

I’ve been writing The Rainout Blog for a little more than nine years, and a few times I’ve crafted posts stating something like “Hey, it may rain at the baseball game tonight,” or “Look out for snow at Sunday’s football game” only for the predicted precipitation to be a no-show.

For the sake of fans who attended those events, like last night’s Home Run Derby in Cincinnati, I’m happy the wet stuff stayed away.

However, rain was the big story leading up to the Monday night long ball contest. There were countless stories, including the one on this website, about the threat of heavy rain and thunderstorms. There even were reports of tornado sirens.

And then last night… the only objects that fell out of the sky – that I’m aware of – were baseballs blasted from the bats of sluggers like Todd Frazier, Kris Bryant and Joc Pederson.

It was a great night – judging from my comfy seat in the man cave – and a great show. But the empty threat of the whole darn thing being potentially shut down because of rain, and then it didn’t happen, has led me to this decision: I’m never, ever writing another story about a sporting event potentially being affected by bad weather.


Now, I know the All-Star game is tonight in Cincinnati, and yeah, there’s potential for thunderstorms around an hour before the game starts and then a chance of rain, according to Accuweather.com, an hour after the first pitch, but I’m not writing a post about it.

Forget it!


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