Raindrops on Taylor’s guitar? (That’s a dumb headline)

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SwiftRemember the post I wrote earlier today? You know, the one that said I’m no longer going to write about potential bad weather at sporting events?

I’m sticking to that decision… but I didn’t say anything about Taylor Swift concerts.

You’re right; this is sports blog, but other than the Major League Baseball All-Star game – yeah, it’s a big deal – there’s nothing much going on in sports in which weather can play a role. Wait, is there a soccer friendly somewhere tonight?

Anyway, I just read that rain may be a big deal for Swift’s concert tonight at Nationals Park.

This is from the Washington Post:

An evening of storms with heavy rain is setting up across the D.C. region, and the timing could prove to be especially unfortunate for Taylor Swift fans that will be eagerly waiting for her to take the stage at Nationals Park tonight.

The rain will fall on very wet ground, increasing the risk for isolated flash flooding of creeks, streams and other low-lying areas. Some storms could be severe with strong wind gusts. And of course, lightning will pose a threat to everyone outdoors, including those waiting on the field at Nationals Park.

Areas to the south of D.C. have a higher chance of seeing severe storms with damaging wind gusts, while storms to the north of D.C. could end up being weaker and more scattered, though will still contain heavy downpours.

You can read the full story here.

Or better yet, check out the forecast from this awesome D.C. weatherman…


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