If nothing else, you’ll catch a cold out there

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CamNewtonIt looked fun.

Watching the Colts and Panthers battle it out in pouring rain on a sloppy field in Charlotte Monday night took me back a few years to when Dan, Joe, Jon, Brian, that kid with the goofy eye, a few others and I used to splash around the backyard on an occasional rainy late afternoon. Sometimes, it was two-hard touch, but mostly tackle.

You remember those games, right? Your mom would always yell out the back door, something about how your ruining your clothes and you’re going to catch a cold, while you’re dad never said a word because he knew how much fun you were having.

For as much fun as it looked being out there in the wet, wild, wonderfulness of it all Monday night, the game quality was a mess at times.

There were four interceptions and the two teams combined to fumble the ball five times and both quarterbacks, Andrew Luck and Cam Newton, threw 43 incompletions.

One of those incompletions was a dropped pass by the Panthers’ Ted Ginn, who was wide open for what could have been a 56-yard touchdown strike in overtime that would have…



I checked out of the game early in the fourth quarter with Carolina firmly ahead 23-6. I don’t know what the heck happened after I went to bed, but the Panthers blew the lead but won the game 29-26 on a Graham Gano 52-yard field goal in overtime. Gano missed an extra point in the game.

After the game, players from both teams rushed inside to do their homework.


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